Wish I articulated my excitement and gratitude more than I did this evening when this was announced as the secret screener at Fantastic Fest, but idk I just feel terrible being myself here....

Suspiria went from my being most dreaded film last year, to being my most anticipated film of the year when I saw the first teaser.

I am having trouble forming proper sentences post seeing this, I felt like if I bit the inside of cheek any longer I would no longer have a face. My thumbs are sore and bruised from putting pressure along my cuticles, I just couldn't stop, I had to somehow transfer my anxious energy elsewhere.

There are moments in this film that make vomit slither up my throat. It is disgusting, disturbing, insane, but inviting. You cant step away from that academy, the spell it casts upon you is far too powerful.

Take your time with dissecting this one, I know I will.
Closer to Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession than Argento’s Suspiria. Consider that a warning. 

ps, this is so much better than CMBYN.

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