QAnon: The Search for Q

QAnon: The Search for Q ★★★½

The show is a tad choppy but quite enjoyable by the end. What can you say dont fuck with rich grifters. everyone loses.

 do you have a friend that has a pathological need to play devils advocate? meet Q kids ! 21st century shit people extraordinaire. he might be three people. he might be ten. we know who a couple of them are now. 

free speech is a strong phrase. this blanket coverage we have had up until now assumes honesty and facts are the starting blocks for all. this is obviously false. our current narrative is the crossover between fabricated worlds and reality. that crossover has changed how we relate to each in the real world. the internet has allowed us to be ok with sharing our ugliest selves. and being more than ok with it over time has made fantasy and reality fuse on a pretty massive scale.

i wonder who is getting investigated by the feds because of this doc as you read this.