• Sherlock, Jr.

    Sherlock, Jr.


    I'm at a loss for words.
    The epitome of creativity and originality.
    The madman, the visionary, the man himself...
    Buster Keaton

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    During our lives we experience everything, the highest of highs and lowest of lows with a side of that special part that is the usual pause, the inevitable middle. It's a never ending train that stops for brief moments so we can breathe. The movie brings to light some great arguments, those who happen to be very similar to an excellent movie by the name of Synedoche, New York (😉). In conclusion it's really up to your understanding of the…

  • The Godfather: Part III

    The Godfather: Part III


    So I've completed The Godfather Trilogy and it's nothing less than extraordinary.
    I particularly think part III is an amazing movie, even though I can see why a lot of people hate on it for various reasons. But that's the thing, it's still Francis Ford Coppola mio caro amico.
    A privilege to have watched this trilogy at various points in life and with many loved ones.
    Grazie padrino!

  • Room



    An unforgettable experience. For such a hard hitting film it is so calm and peaceful that you start to wonder if you're still watching the same movie. Brilliant performances from Brie and Jacob. I loved the path this movie took and how it delivered such a meaningful ending.

    Ma and I have decided that we don't know what we like, we get to try everything.
    There are so many things out here. And sometimes, it's scary, but that's okay, because it's still just you and me.

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    I Finally watched Pulp Fiction, yeah I know. What stood out for me was the fast storytelling and how smooth the movie connects. Surprisingly had a good time watching it even though some scenes felt unnecessary. Samuel L. Jackson surely had a lot of fun filming this. Overall it's a top notch film.

  • Rain Man

    Rain Man


    I grew up having a best friend named Richard and he happened to be autistic. He would draw cartoons the exact same way that he saw them on the screen. He remembered everything like Raymond, which made him the best companion guide hehe. I've learned more things from Richard then many people that have came and went in my life. He taught me to be calm, patient and to think more before doing things. We are in different countries now…

  • Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich


    Spike Jonze's debut is nothing less than a great one. Spike and Charlie are a duo that have intrigued me for some time now and I can finally understand why, they simply blend creatively together. I love Charlie's writing so it was easy to watch. Not the best film but it's still pretty good.

  • Mary and Max

    Mary and Max


    Reality is often disappointing but I hope those who read this know that there's still hope and you're not alone.
    That's all.

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    Wow, I'm completely broken.
    Some scenes in cinema have the ability to stop you in your tracks and just make you listen, the movie has plenty of these scenes. The eery silence that comes with the scenes is what makes them so special, as if you were a family member and just watching the conversation unravel quietly in your corner. Perfect writing from start to finish. Great performances from Travis and Hunter.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    my most anticipated film because I'm a big fan of sci-fi so yeah, on to the review:
    This is the creator of all of the big movies and universes we would eventually see in the future (referring obviously to the date of the movie in 1968, wow). Kubrick gives ideas to the people of the 60s that probably blew them away even more then how I feel now. Introducing the idea of a video call, different fast food, liquid food,…

  • Zootopia



    To much to be said right now about this.
    I'm gonna take a little break from movies or I'd just be putting all of these ideas I have to waste.
    Everybody needs a break sometimes.
    Stay creative.
    Don't get attracted to what's easy.
    Don't give up.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    My new favorite movie???
    Had the time of my life watching this with my family. We laughed, smiled, cried and had those glances at each other that we knew were great memories in the making.
    Cherish every moment you have with your family.(family isn't only blood related)
    We all go through ups and downs in life but don't forget those moments that made you who you are.