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This review may contain spoilers.

Somehow way better the second time, which is hard to do when the first time was so good. There's so much to disect in every shot.

- Often while watching the movie I found myself coming up with the logical next step, but every time the movie finds a much more interesting unexpected twist, it keeps you on your toes the whole time.
The movie won't let you root for any of the three families, every time you start to root for or against one of them they do something or the movie reveals something to you that makes you understand them better and reconsider your judgement.

- Before the big reveal the door to the basement is frequently visible in the background, pitch black but surrounded by light. Often framed between two characters in conversation. When rewatching it with the knowledge of what's to come it feels like the doorway is haunting the scene, reminding you that the other shoe has yet to drop.

- Unlike many movies with themes of wealth inequality that frame the rich as the bad guys (which I'm not necessarily against) in Parasite the Parks seem like the nicest of the families it focuses on. But as Chung-sook says "if I had all this money. I'd be nice, too". She's hypocritical, but she's not entirely wrong, the struggle for survival can completely overtake your personality, it's so much easier to be nice when you already have your next meal or your next months rent secured.

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