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  • Martyrs
  • Melancholia

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  • Fury at Showdown


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  • Fury at Showdown

    Fury at Showdown


    Up the stairs and down with the gallows. Some people are hung by the law, Brock by public opinion. The west here is annoyed by its violent past and ready to purge it with financial and social capital. »Not even a gun can help you know.« Derek wanders somewhat aimlessly around the screen, picking justified fights and excusing for his temper. He’ll come out on top as he must, but Oswald really zeroes in on the trudging, soul-crushing minutia of…

  • Trapline



    One of these films which really makes an argument for its sound: not as a direct continuation of the image – this is still 16 mm – but in constant communication with it. The instability of the image in relation to the frequency of the world surrounding it. The pleasures of hearing a swimmer approach and trying to read the shift in the image in relation to arms beating down on the surface of the water. To a certain degree…

Popular reviews

  • MS Slavic 7

    MS Slavic 7


    Five years ago after an internship in a literary archive, I stayed for another half year as a freelancer and indexed and catalogued the estate of an author we recently acquired, an estate which also included a box of love letters. As I was reading the correspondence, I found it impossible not to get attached to them emotionally - and at the same time it felt like a breach of trust. The letters are so naked, so vulnerable, the writer…

  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    If you've been following me for a while and read along with my writings on what nu-horror should move and feel like, I am very happy to tell you that Dario agrees. The festival blur calls this as a political genre work exploring the "social conflict between rich neighbourhoods and Rome’s so-called Chinatown". In reality it is much more concerned with what Landis/Clifford so lovingly call The Fear - consistently terrorizing its protagonists and punishing its audience accordingly. The score…