A Creepshow Animated Special ★★★½

Creepshow animated? Yes please!

I knew once this was coming out that it will be a comic book style animation so it won't be free flowing. The franchise was always influenced by EC Comics so this animation is right up my alley.

Onward to the stories, which are two of them:

Survivor Type - Holy hell, this was brutal. How much does the person want to survive? Well, we found out.

Twittering from the Circus of the Dead - This was good and a bit funny as well. It was different from the first story and i'm sure not everyone will dig this one as much as the other.

Overall, the movie special was a fun watch but I do wish it was long than 45 minutes. The first story was definitely better than the second one. It is definitely worth checking out as this could be something that might happen again with longer stories, who knows.

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