Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Multiple universes, multiple possibilities.

A sci fi action adventure for the year was what this one became. The story was indeed Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The characters was great and shine in their own right. Comedic moments were pretty much hit for the biggest portion of the movie. The different universes get more crazier than the last. The fighting choreography was well done.

And with everything happening, this movie still put a focus on the outcome of Evelyn and her family. This was quite the experience and ride that I can say I wasn't bored of from the start to the very end.

Overall this get a solid five stars. It was bat shit yet held a message about family in its own sci fi adventure way. Not everyone will rate it high cause of the length of the movie where it can feel tiresome. But you can't deny the heart and drive that was put into this.

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