Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

Spooktober viewing

I will admit this movie had its good and bad points to it. I enjoyed that this didn't just have Laurie and her family going up against Myers. We get to see how the shape had affected many in the town all the way down to the kids.

Even though Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was sidelined for much of this movie, there was still a strong presence that was given out when she was on screen. However, there were way too many "going down memory lane" moments for this movie where there would've been more Myers and kill counts. The trailer pumped it up to what seemed like we would get the whole town attacking Myers and we do...just not what I was expecting.

The kills and deaths were brutal and yet predictable in a few cases. Overall, this movie was good but definitely fall short in some areas of the movie. It was still an entertaining ride with Myers and looking forward to the final (maybe) Halloween sequel.

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