Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

Leans all the way into the worst parts about Homecoming, but learns at least a few lessons: Spider-Man actually gets to show off his ingenuity a bit in this one, though it's a half-assed montage that still credits Tony Stark with basically the whole thing. As burnt out as I might be on the MCU, there is a real joy in watching my favorite hero and one of my favorite villains. Holland is no surprise here, he's been doing this stuff for a few movies and he's proven to be a fantastic Spidey. Gylenhaal is clearly just here for the check but the script's use of Mysterio himself is spot on. I accidentally spoiled things for Pri, not realizing that Mysterio was a bit more of a deep cut in the rogue's gallery, and to the film's credit it plays it pretty straight. Mysterio was a favorite villain of mine as a kid and to see him done this well was so satisfying - not just the story, but the effects and fight choreography.

I may like this more than Homecoming, I'm not sure. The writing is definitely weaker and the tension between Keaton and Holland is not matched by anything here, though Gylenhaal as the "Cool Uncle" to Tony's "Dad" works well enough (even if we've already done this EXACT thing, like 6 months ago in Spider-Verse).

What's left to be said about these things? If you don't like the MCU, you won't like this. If you like Spider-Man, you'll probably dig this! It's funny and has good action, and ends with a massive bang. I'm still in slight disbelief that they did Mysterio at all, let alone this way. Here's hoping for Kraven, Doc Ock, or Chameleon next.

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