The Kid ★★★★½

Needed something quick and sweet and this was precisely it. Actually, it was far more than that, this is quite a masterpiece! Third Chaplin and probably my favorite, although The Gold Rush comes close. 53-minute criterion version—I can't quite imagine an extra 15 minutes benefiting this succinct and tight film, but that will remain unknown until I see that version one day(assuming that I ever will, since Chaplin preferred the edited versions of his films anyways). I liked the more "honest" portrayal of poverty than you see in many other films, a lot of stealing, breaking, and violence involved, even if a lot of it plays as comedy. The boxing/fight scene with the kids was definitely my favorite, cracked me up when Chaplin took him to his corner and was giving him advice. But it was really the music that really pushes this film over the edge for me—so very loud and clear and on the forefront, and man does it sound great! Listening to it at this very moment and I'll be damned if I ever find a better Chaplin soundtrack than this, simply marvelous. I thought I wouldn't really like this based on the premise and while it is exactly what I thought it would be, it is also too good at what it is for me to not love it—it's pure pathos through and through but Chaplin makes it work.