Dunkirk ★★★★

Am I gonna suck this movies dick as much as everyone else currently else? Little bit, little bit of dick sucking. It is fucking GORGEOUS to both see and hear, go see it in the biggest fuck off IMAX screen you can. Not quite as jarring and shellshocking as people are making it out to be. Sure there are SOME parts where I felt like I couldn't breathe but not ALL the time.

And once you wrap your head around the multiple timeline thing, it's pretty clever seeing where each piece is going or has gone to. Although I will say I did not get it's three separate stories being told in the span of one week, one day, and one hour AT ALL until I read a review for it. God help us when Satan puts on his Ice Skates, pigs become pilots, I become a monkeys uncle and Nolan tells things linearly.

And I get it, it's about the event not the people. But in that case, why do we have that beautiful ending at all then if we're not bothered about the people but the actual event? Why have those human moments at all? I would have liked SOME character but yeah, it's quite the experience.

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