The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

20% of this is good Shane Black buddy-cop jokes/action and the rest is like if SNL made a 1970s-themed tribute show and nope that's not a compliment

please go rewatch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or even Boogie Nights but maybe don't bother with this movie, unless you're really in it for the (admittedly perfect) 10 seconds of Ryan Gosling's screaming

(also all the women look like they're from 2016!!! all the haircuts and dress styles are pretty damn contemporary!!! there are some asymmetrical bobs in there!!! if you're going for '70s pastiche go all the fucking way, man!!!!!!)

And what is the point of Holly's aversion to violence? It...goes nowhere. There is no point. There is no actual payoff besides vaguely connecting to Russell Crowe's thrill of attacking people. Is Holly suppose to "fix" him of that urge by getting him to not kill the guy at the end? I'm not entirely convinced that he's cured, he just didn't want to damage Holly's trust. It's a badly thought-out arc, and even considering it an arc for either of them is generous.

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