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  • Hustle



    NBA fans and sports film lovers will have much to fawn over at "Hustle," an unexpectedly well-made, feel-good sports drama. Adam Sandler takes the lead role as a scout and fills it with his undeniable charm and dramatic chops. What actually surprises though is Juancho Hernangomez's performance, a brilliant example of a popular athlete-turned-actor turn that was pretty good. Hernangomez effectively makes Bo Cruz likable and rootable.

    The film does not reinvent the wheel of sports dramas, as it will…

  • Watcher



    "Watcher" takes a stalker/serial killer story in a Romanian setting with elegant cinematography and a scream-queen-in-the-making turn from Maika Monroe. It's a slow-burning thriller that takes time to explore each side of being a "watcher"—stalking someone and having someone stalk you. While it is short in surprises storywise, the coldly unsettling atmosphere by director Chloe Okuno is well crafted.

    Thriller films like this can be overdone and generic, and some plot beats in this film definitely feel familiar. But the…

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  • Hello, Love, Goodbye

    Hello, Love, Goodbye


    Alden Richards’ character, Ethan, is pushy, creepy and problematic.

    He will continue sending friend requests even if Joy declined several times already. He will make the radio station talk about Joy in public without her permission. He will use another phone to text Joy anonymously. He will act like a police even if Joy is weeping out of fear. He will squeeze through inside a small room knowing that Joy will be uncomfortable. He will continually send “Need a friend…

  • Ghosts of War

    Ghosts of War


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is a standard haunted house horror with a World War II setting, so I definitely signed up even with its poor reception. Ghosts of War has loads of promising conceptualization: a murdered family of Jew rescuers, an elaborate Gothic mansion, an intriguing tale of revenge, and an allegory of post-traumatic stress disorder. The formulaically-structured events in the mansion are wonky and all over the place, but I would be lying if I say that I did not enjoy the…