Lamb ★★★

"Lamb" features beautiful photography, nuanced performances, and an eerie atmosphere, but its imaginative concept needed more narrative development and genuine horror to fully realize its potential. The folktale-ish storyline covers how people cope with grief even if the mechanism is too surreal and extraordinary, yet it still seems thinly spread.

The half-lamb/half-human child is definitely freakish, and it always catches me off guard when it pops out of the screen. Scenic Icelandic landscapes set the stage for a quiet setting with foreboding darkness. The scenes tell a lot without using dialogues. There is a tension that formulates among the relationships of the characters upon the arrival of Ingvar's brother, Petur.

The mythology surrounding the child is definitely underdeveloped, though. The focus on character dynamics sets aside what could have been a darker direction for the story that will involve more of the source of the child. When the film cuts to black, it feels like the ending did not offer much of what could be expected from this ingenious premise.

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