Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★½

Offering laughs as well as valuable insights on stardom and the burdens that go with it, "Popstar" takes a spin on the music documentary with generally glowing results. For some reason, Andy Samberg has always been playing annoying characters (which did hold me back from watching this), and Connor takes the cake as the most megalomaniac. Samberg's charm perfectly captures all the stage performer glamor of Connor along with his off-putting arrogance and ridiculous tendencies. The songs are hilarious catchy and the supporting cast is exhilarating, as well as the scene-stealing cameo appearances of musicians and celebrities. The humor may not be consistently effective throughout, especially in the film's middle section. But if you desperately need cheering up, this film hits the jackpot.

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