Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Far From Home managed to make the entertaining but narratively-messy and plot hole-ridden Avengers: Endgame look better by miles. This feels like an unnecessary coda to a decent conclusion that fails to contribute anything significant to its universe. It couldn't even stop its obsession with Iron Man, the hero everyone loves who was maddeningly depicted here as a creative license thief from former Stark employees.

The first act action in Venice and Prague is inarguably engaging, but when Mysterio is revealed to be just a campy, bitter former Stark employee longing to be the greatest superhero, the film deep dives into an area of cheesiness where it could no longer be recovered. The hyperrealistic hologram is just a very odd and far-fetched concept, and the gun-firing projector drones are the cheapest imaginable assistants for Mysterio's destructive goals. I'm laughing at all these Endgame defenders who use the multiverse theory to explain old Cap and other story abnormalities because the multiverse gets ignored here in favor of fake CGI illusions.

Subplots eat up too much of the film, especially the annoying Peter Parker and MJ love story that felt more explored than the superhero conflict. Jokes don't land anymore, and it's very bizarre that Marvel released a very light-hearted, unemotional, juvenile project after the emotional heft of Endgame. Ultimately forgettable.

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