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  • Oldboy



    "Laugh, and the world laughs with you.Weep, and you weep alone"


    It was a well-thought movie.
    I love the way how this movie was executed, especially the music, and actually it has a very interesting story.
    Though I think it was a bit over the top...
    The movie was just really crazy...

  • The King

    The King

    I hope this turns out to be a really good Dragon Ball movie...

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  • Birdman



    *may contain spoilers, but I don't know if they would really spoiler you if you haven't watched the movie*

    "Birdman", one of the most unexpected and novel movies of all time.

    Before I saw Birdman I didn't had a idea what I might be going to watch, but after I saw Birdman I still don't know what I have seen or what I have to say about the movie.

    It's crazy and different in its approach. It is appealing and…

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    "And he had my big black Johnson in his mouth"

    Wow! This movie is amazing!

    It was almost 3 hours long, but you don't real notice that, when you see it.

    So the first 2 hours or something were a bit boring and it didn't happen much, but it remained watchable, I mean it has Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russel.
    Then afterwards, when Samuel L. Jackson tells Bruce Dern, how his son sucked Samuel L. Jackson's dick... that's when…