Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

"They came to see Dolemite, so... I'm gonna give'em Dolemite."

*please go on reading with imagining Eddie Murphy's Dolemite voice*
Y'all motherfuckers, let it be known that Eddie Murphy is back in the game... And he still has it rolling, cause Eddie is his name and fucking up motherfuckers is his game.
*You may stop imagining his voice...*

Aww man, how I didn't even notice how much I missed Eddie Murphy in movies lately... It gave me back that one feeling of entertainment that I had. Eventhough I can't relate to either the time nor to the people, it's still a truly moving and inspiring, yet funny movie. And that's what I have been loving about these Eddie Murphy movies... They make you laugh, but you ain't never gonna just get a hollow slap-stick comedy... it will have something true, something moving in it, not even to speak about the greatness in his style and the music choices in this movie(Yeah can't say that all for every single one of his movies... but at least for the majority)

I am really excited for more movies by Eddie Murphy in the future. He used to make my days... Now I am gonna hope he will make some more of those days.

Yeah, I know this is a big Eddie Murphy bias that I just spouted here, but anyway, believe me: this movie is worth your time. Not about to say more. Just watch it and let it get to you.

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