Interstellar ★★★★½

"Newton's third law: You got to leave something behind."

This movie really is interstellar.

Nolan did it again.
A great movie build on a interesting premise with a great story, fleshed out by great performances.

I have always thought about what a black hole is, what it looks like and what would happen if I would get sucked into it.

Now Nolan delievered a great answer for that:
You will be landing in a infinite loop of the back of a book shelf that stands in the bedroom of a little girl.

Now jokes beside, I love how Nolan fully-fletched thinks out a idea, turning the final movie into something great that just flashes you.
You can never really be sure about what would happen next.

Actually I have been hesitating for so long to watch this movie, because I just wasn't into all these Astronaut movies and all those "saving-humanity-movies".
Always when I hear that a movie is about "Saving the world/humanity", I always thought "Oh god, no", but now I regret it that this became the reason why I didn't watch this great movie for so long.

Okay now I have been praising the movie storywise all the time, now let's come to some criticism...
I know, it's just like my teacher would use to say "criticism on a high-scale", but I just have to mention that, eventhough it doesn't bother me that much:

1. The whole setting in the space wasn't really credible... You could tell that everything that was shown there isn't real

2. How did Cooper get that Morse-code on that watch?!
-> Many things weren't explained well

So for the conclusion, I have to say that storywise and from the basic idea, this is the best Nolan film that I have seen till yet.
But this movie isn't as untouchable in its logic as every other Nolan movie.
I still have some points were I could critizise "Interstellar", but I choose to forget about them, because everything else is great.

So for now I can say that I love the idea, the story and for most parts its execution.

Furthermore I love it just because it got a 40-year old looking 124 year old Matthew McConaghey as the father for a 90 year old woman, Timothee Chalamet and Casey Affleck as the son of Cooper, Matt Damon as a coward (where I have reason to believe that Damon's part was written by Jimmy Kimmel) and the idea that a black hole is the back of a book shelf.

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