A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★★

i don’t want to drag this out but there’s a chance i will. i want to keep it short and sweet, and not go into many plot points. this was everything i wanted and more. this film is near perfect.

the rating will probably drop in the future but for now, i’m sticking with a 5. i can’t name anything i don’t like about this film (yet anyway). firstly, John Krasinski directs the fucking shit out of this. huge props to the marketing aswell (i only saw the original teaser) for not spoiling much of the plot and for hardly showing anything that takes place in the latter half of the film; how a film, should be marketed.

the set pieces, all worked for me. i know people have some issues regarding one particular problem that 2 characters encounter on a dock, but i loved the ambiguity of it overall - i’d like to see more on it in future instalments. the Day 1 scene is mesmerising. nothing topped that scene for me, it’s one of the best openings to a film i’ve seen in years. Cillian Murphy puts on one of his best performances here, even if his characters isn’t as fleshed as expected, he was fucking great.

and as for the ending... it is abrupt and i understand the dislike for it, but to me it was a PERFECT finish to Part II of this story. i hope we get many more chapters for years to come. the last act, holy fuck. i grabbed Emily’s hand so tight, for most the film pretty much.

I will probably post so much more thoughts and stuff when i inevitably rewatch this within the next couple weeks, but this was amazing.

maybe it’s the hype of having to wait a long long time for it to come out? i don’t know and i don’t care. just watch it.

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