Eternals ★★★★

having just watched Nomadland an hour before watching this, i had no hope for this realistically. Nomadland left me honestly disappointed in a few ways. well directed sure, but what was all that oscar buzz about? i didn’t get it. however…

Eternals is the newest MCU feature and it sure as fuck is going to divide fans of the franchise. this film takes the universe we know into a new direction that will either leave fans bored, satisfied, or both at once. the film is very dialogue heavy, with exposition being thrown at your face almost every scene. the editing is also quite jarring, with a non-linear timeline to arc our characters. 

either these will entertain you, or leave you uninterested. it’s handled very well and the material is all pretty solid here. i struggled a little with the first act, but once everything is in place and some twists and turns end up taking the film in a direction i wasn’t expecting, it’s very enjoyable, action is great, cast all do a great job, Barry Keoghan being standout as Druig. it is certainly dense, but i look forward to seeing how the MCU moves forward after this. both end credits aren’t the strongest, or the weakest imo (same feeling about the Shang Chi ones). solid film overall.

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