Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

my tied favourite sequel of the franchise. there was no twist or reveal in this that matched in 5, the reveal that everything is taking place in the house from the original, one of my favourite twists in film.

like Halloween Kills, i love the aggressive theme and anger that hang over the films head, this film is really nasty. it feels pretty fresh, given the NY backdrop. they make good use of ‘big city’ tropes, from public transport to 20-story apartment blocks. the set piece in the store being my favourite, completely on edge for the whole scene. the violence in this feels much different to the rest of the films too, the film had a very different feeling overall which i loved. the performances are all good also. i loved the incorporation of Screams legacy, i liked the shrine.

i didn’t love everything, including the big reveal, but i did really appreciate the direction they took it, even if it didn’t make a lick of sense - but praise for the originality. i wasn’t bored at any point, (almost) loved every second. so much fun!

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