Satantango ★★★★★

I wish I could say I watched this in one sitting (with two intermissions), but I spread it over three nights. Cinema is great, but I also need some time to take my dog to the park. Also I watched a couple of movies in between. I feel a bit bad about this, because this really ought to be seen trapped in a theatre in one go, like an out of body experience. One day I will, I'm sure. Please don't show this Letterboxd entry to Bela Tarr.

Regardless, I'm glad I saw it. What can I say? It's so ugly it's beautiful. Forget about "sculpting in time" - this builds a beautiful cathedral out of boredom. Not sure a movie has ever made me feel hypnotized quite like this. After a few hours I started to realize it was funny, too. I've been hungry for movies that convey something of the suffering and desperation of the current moment, and if a 1994 Hungarian movie is where I find it, then I'm a happy man. I am only medium-smart, so please consult others who can articulate the film's virtues better.

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