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  • The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles

    God bless Kurt Russell. He actually brings it.

  • Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks

    Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks

    This is a perfectly fine documentary about the history of (Chinese and Hong Kong) martial arts movies, which attempts to be comprehensive but definitely has an American perspective. There are segments devoted to the usual suspects - your David Carradines, your Bruce Lees, your Jackie Chans - as well as more obscure subjects: Charlie Ahearn talks about his NYC underground kung-fu movie The Deadly Art of Survival; Terry Levene and Matthew Mallinson talk about their outrageous Bruceploitation film Fist of…

  • Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

    Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh


    I actually teared up during the Chris Farley song.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    "I picked us over him. Fuck him."


    "I'm goin' to church. Don't laugh, you'll see. Don't laugh, you'll see..."

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    Not one single thing about this is good.

  • The Ape Man

    The Ape Man

    Bela Lugosi stars as a mad scientist who accidentally turns himself into a half-man/half-ape. He needs to find a certain kind of serum (taken from the human spinal cord) to cure himself... but when the serum proves to be only a temporary antidote, he goes on a killing spree with his gorilla assistant.

    Like most Poverty Row horror movies, about 80% of this takes place in and around one house. Still, any movie that features Bela Lugosi hunched over like…

  • The Age of Innocence

    The Age of Innocence


    I realized that since I've been using this movie so much as an example of why Martin Scorsese doesn't just make gangster movies about and for men, I really ought to actually sit down and watch it!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • An Evening with Sammy Davis, Jr. & Jerry Lewis

    An Evening with Sammy Davis, Jr. & Jerry Lewis

    Without a drop of irony, I tell you: this is my idea of entertainment.

  • Shangri-La


    This obscure nudist camp movie stars Sammy Petrillo, best known as one of the stars of 1952's Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. Sammy was plucked out of obscurity by Jerry Lewis, who hired him to play his son on an episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour. The two had a falling-out, and Petrillo (who could do a dead-on Jerry impression) formed a partnership with Duke Mitchell to do their own Martin & Lewis rip-off act. Brooklyn Gorilla was the only…

  • The Owl vs Bombo

    The Owl vs Bombo


    Sammo Hung and George Lam are former criminals who are blackmailed into volunteering at a centre for wayward youth. The blackmailer: an ex-cop who is trying to nail the triad boss who our heroes scammed. This lesser-known Sammo joint isn’t a diamond in the rough: it’s mostly heavy melodrama and tepid comedy, with a few (but not enough) decent action/stunt scenes. High point: Sammo does a dance number, including a bit where he imitates Donald O’Connor with the dummy from…

  • Piazza Vittorio

    Piazza Vittorio


    Like his fellow New Yorker Martin Scorsese, Abel Ferrara is a compulsive filmmaker who fills the time between feature films with documentaries. Scorsese has the resources to make slick portraits of Bob Dylan, and the New York Review of Books, Ferrara grabs a camera and makes home movies of neighbourhoods: Mulberry Street, Naples, the Chelsea Hotel, and here, a square in Rome that Ferrara regards as a synecdoche for the city, the country, and the continent. Talking to immigrants, refugees,…

  • A Rainy Day in New York

    A Rainy Day in New York


    Well folks, it's a late-period Woody Allen movie. I'm past the point of complaining that Woody's millennials all talk like they're Woody Allen because that's now part of the deal. You don't watch a late-period Allen movie because you want to see the real world. Timothee Chalamet (as "Gatsby Welles"), Selena Gomez, and especially Elle Fanning (doing her best Diane Keaton) do heroic work trying not to come across as stilted.

    The script is not great. The Chalamet/Gomez romance needed…