Barton Fink

Barton Fink ★★★★★

There are almost no ways to fully analyze and delve into the madness of Barton Fink without coming off as pretentious, which is truly ironic, in the same way that attempting to fully decipher A Serious Man is ironic.
There's no simplicity in understanding the life of the mind. Fink wants his work to be for the common man, yet refuses to listen to the stories of a common man like Charlie, and the only time he does is after he, quite literally, takes a walk in his shoes. Each and every person you encounter is complicated, and, ironically enough, that's an oversimplification of it. We fabricate different versions of ourself for different people, and then turn around and wish people would be more honest and straight-forward. We'll rewatch a Coen brothers film AGAIN and then turn around and wish general audiences would expand their palette. Are any of those contradictions objectively wrong? No, not necessarily. It's kinda subjective, baby.
One thing is for sure: I'LL SHOW YOU THE LIFE OF THE MIND

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