Tenet ★★★★

"You did it, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it."
I absolutely loved it. So glad that I don't have to say Da 5 Bloods is my favorite movie of 2020 anymore. For as many high ratings as I give, it's rare that I ever leave the theater feeling a sense of astonishment for what I just witnessed, but this did that. For starters, Ludwig fuckin Goransson...JESUS what a score that was! Mf was really out here using 20th notes...going to be listening to that for the next few days. It looks...mmm...so good (Hoyte really can do no wrong). Not to get nerdy, but this is going to look incredible on 4K. The entire final 45 minutes are nothing short of pure insanity. There's the truck flip in The Dark Knight, the city folding in on itself in Inception, and now there's this, which may very well top them all. The only glaring issues I had were a few awkward pieces of dialogue, and the final five minutes was somewhat lame compared to what preceded it. Other than that, yeah, this was pretty sick

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