Annette ★★★

So, may we start? I actually have no clue where to start, other than with that (somewhat, but not very) creative opening. This is a film that I could wake up one day and think it was a masterpiece and then wake up the very next day and consider it garbage. It is about as arthouse as an arthouse movie can get, very traditional story, told in a very unique and non-traditional way. I'm not quite sure that this needed to be a musical in any way, the songs/music didn't seem to progress the story in a way that couldn't have had the same impact with just regular dialogue.

Adam Driver was definitely the standout as the main character of the film, he was given the most opportunity to shine, and used that time the best. This serves as a unique one-two punch with Marriage Story of the ups and (mainly) downs of celebrity relationships. Marion Cotillard and Simon Helberg were both also solid in their supporting roles, but they didn't add much to the story of the film, besides being a punching bag to let Driver take out his characters weird energy on. The character of Annette is also a choice and that is a choice that will definitely not work for some, much like the movie as a whole. It didn't work for me, but it also didn't not work for me.

Which is kind of how I would describe the film as a whole. I think there were more positives to it than negatives, but much like the yacht the characters were on, it was choppy waters. Unlike other movies on here, I couldn't really disagree with someone if they gave this 5 stars. On the flip side though, I also couldn't disagree with someone who gave this a 1/2 star. I just happen to fall somewhere in the middle, like I think most people ultimately will with this film.

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