City of God

City of God ★★★½

Welcome to Moonlight, if Moonlight took place in Brazil. The entire movie, I couldn't help think of Moonlight as the story continued to unfold. The stories aren't incredibly similar in term of how they are told or the story as a whole. I just couldn't help but think of the similarities as we watched Rocket and Li'l Zé grow up over the course of the film. The two characters felt like if they combined you might've gotten someone like Chiron from Moonlight. Those two, specifically Rocket had a really interesting character journey throughout. There is a lot of characters in this movie though, that just don't get the same attention as those two. There seemed to me, to be so many different characters to keep track of and those same characters didn't have a huge impact on the overall film. Which would probably be my only real complaint about this, because I thought overall the story was pretty good/engaging and the movie as a whole was pretty well constructed. If this movie truly the City of God though, then God might need to find a new city, because if not, I'm not sure God could crack it with some of these guys.