Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Shout out to this film for mentioning my hometown, Dayton Ohio on a few occasions. Honestly, it is what gets this to 4.5 stars instead of being stuck at 4. I'm not 100% sure why, but it always seems like old classic movies are just so much better written than what is coming out now a days. Maybe it is because I only watch the best of the best from back then, but watch pretty much everything that comes out now. But this film like so many other from this era, is just beautifully written. The story takes you on such a journey and everything that happens feels so natural. Nothing in this feels forced at all, except for a little bit of overacting. Gloria Swanson did a good job in the lead role, deserves all the praise she gets for this, but she definitely plays it up at times. It made the character a little bit annoying. Her, William Holden, and the guy that played the butler all had super natural chemistry with one another. They played off of each's other energy so well. I really love it when I get to watch an all time classic and appreciate it as much as everyone else.