The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

If the priest at my church was doing that thing with the spiders, then I'd probably show up a lot more often. Like the spider scene in this movie, a lot of the scenes are either weird or super grim, sometimes both. The cast is what will carry this movie for people. Stacked from top to bottom with actors who all brought their A game, even though some were definitely left on the back burner. Tom Holland is the standout of the bunch, giving one of his career best performances. He was given the most to work with though, as many other characters lacked the development that Holland got. It almost felt as if the sole purpose of the supporting characters were just to be apart of Hollands story, rather than serve any purpose themselves. The movie was super slow at times, but they could have made this 15 minutes longer and given those key supporting characters more time to shine. As I said the movie was slow, but when it paid off, it really paid off for me towards the end. This is the type of movie, that whoever is reading this your grandparents will hate, but I ended up liking.

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