The Night House

The Night House ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Someone point me to the app where we can go and rate marketing campaigns. This is up there for all time mis-marketed movies, right next to It Comes at Night and Mother! (both 2017). This movie from what I read and watched from either trailers or tv ads, looked like a drama about overcoming grief, while also having a horror element of being haunted by her husband. That is pretty much what the first half of the movie or so is about, and probably even the overall message of the movie would be overcoming grief. However, towards the end of act two, beginning of act three, the movie really takes a turn to the supernatural/possession style horror movie, that I for one just don't like. Then on top of all of that, it makes no god damn sense whatsoever. Don't like to spoil movies on here, but in the next paragraph I just need to vent or something.

So Rebecca Hall (who is really excellent in the movie) think she is being haunted by her husband, who recently killed himself. As the movie progresses it turns out she knew less and less about her husband. She explains this to her friend, while also talking about how she almost died when she was younger and when you die, there is "nothing". Well, it isn't her husband, who has been haunting her, it was fucking "nothing". This "nothing" entity also was what convinced her husband to kill himself and countless other girls before his suicide. "Nothing" then finally confronts Rebecca Hall's character and throws her around a room, smashes her head into a mirror, and puts her into some devil position. This is all in order, to get her to come back to this entity and to have her kill herself. But let me ask you, if this entity could slam her into a mirror and throw her down a flight of steps, why the hell couldn't the entity just kill her itself? It made no sense to me and just put me in a worse mood coming out of it then I already would have been, just due to the sheer fact that I felt so fooled about what this movie actually was. If you're reading this and have seen it, then sorry that you have to share in my annoyance. If you haven't seen it, sorry to spoil it, but you deserve to know what you are actually going to see.