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  • Cipher


    Recipe Time!

    Rang Brothers Best Breakfast Yogurt:

    - 1 cup Vanilla yogurt

    I use Tillamook™ Greek as the traditional tends to be too sweet, but that’ll work too - and for the vegans, I recommend RIPPLE™ plant based vanilla Greek style yogurt!

    - 1/3 cup Trader Joe™’s cookies and cream gelato 

    Traditional ice cream works too, but the texture of Gelato melts better with the yogurt - and the added egg gives it a small protein boost! As well, using…

  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    EDIT: ok, so I originally gave this 3 1/2 but it’s stuck with me more than I thought. I still think the below, but I’ve bumped it up to 4!

    elisabeth Moss and alex ross perry: this movie isn’t based off of courtney love, why do you all even think that? lol

    this movie: *exists*

    Ok but actually. This was. Just. Good? Ultimately Perry and Moss play it very safe. The mania of the camera and Becky, the stillness of…

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  • High Life

    High Life


    I feel the same way about this movie that Juliet Binoche did about that chair 💦

  • War and Peace

    War and Peace


    the virgin english language 50s/60s historical epic:

    - has brown face 
    - Probably glorifies war or empire or colonialism or some shit 
    - cold, overly austere camera work and traditional coverage 
    - trite deep focus requiring overly harsh lighting
    - Historically inaccurate but still tries too hard to be “real”
    - romantic and overbearing score  
    - cannot see the outline of characters junk and at no point do you see any characters asses

    the chad war and peace:

    - doesn’t…