Scream ★★★★½

Scream 1: Poor Sidney. The girl is going to need therapy after all this shit. She likely has PTSD at the very least.

(BTW, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher were absolutely gay for each other(And have an oddly similar dynamic to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in real life.))

Scream 2: Jesus Christ, Sidney had to deal with TWO seperate sets of psycho killers within a year of each other?!

Yeah, she's definitely gonna need a lot of therapy.

Scream 3: Oh My GOD! Sidney Prescott's life is like a slasher soap opera. Why do psycho killers keep showing up in her life? And why is this one such a whiny little bitch?

At least this nonsense is all over and she can finally live in peace.

Eleven years later...

Scream 4: GAHHHH!!!!! Will this shit never end?

Ten years after that...

Scream 5: By this point, Sidney is completely desensitized to psycho killers and is bored with them. These guys aren't notable enough to be traumatized by anymore.

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