Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. ★★★★

The Incredibles, Toy Story 3 and Monsters, Inc. are most likely my top 3 favourite Pixar films (3rd place swaps between this and Cars). For me, Pixar films are all about nostalgia and I don’t think there is a right or wrong film to have as your favourite or even a debatable choice. I feel like most people can owe a part of their childhood to Pixar and hopefully, most people can look back at the films and can remind themselves of the good times they had while watching them. 

I haven’t watched this for so so long. 10+ years easily. I can’t believe how much the animation has held up. Yeah it’s not perfect but it’s incredible to see how good it is compared to today standards. I know it wasn’t received as well as many of the other new films by Pixar but I loved Monsters University. It made me feel like I was 5 again and as far as prequels go, I thought it was great. The two films have such a fun and unique story that is really hard to not love. This is way funnier than I remember too. I was probably too young to I’d wear and many of the jokes but it cracked me up a few times. 

I think this one has one of the better casts out of Pixar’s other pictures. John Goodman, Billy Crystal, John Ratzenberger (Pixar legend) and Steve Buscemi. They all provide such brilliant performances. I know Mike Wazowski was voiced by Billy Crystal but he was giving massive Don Rickles vibes.

I think we need a short film about Boo. Just to see how she got on in life growing up.

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