Solo: A Star Wars Story

(L A N D O)
You’re fuckin’ with me if you takin’ the alliance on
(L A N D O)
Billy Dee’s Mini-Me, Gambino’s spittin’ Brian’s Song
(L A N D O)
I’m in the driver’s seat, but your girl is free to ride along
(L A N D–) what was that?
(L A N D O)

Start a blue harvest, make some blue corn
Y’all are out here hot for these rebels, I’m just lukewarm
Avoidin’ trouble, chillin’ out in Bespin
Got a rap sheet’s longer than Jabba’s small intestine

Yo– I’ll crush a Hutt like it’s hurricane season
My swag could’ve saved way more than Liam Neeson’s
Gave your girl my saber ‘cause she’s used to thinkin’ “Is he in?”
Worried 'bout neighbors cause she’s screamin’ out

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