Almost Famous ★★★★★

Reporter: Mr.Blake what do you love about cinema?
Me: To begin with it....everything else.


This song is never been sung in this film, but can be sing always:

Like a bird on a wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free

Bird on the wire by Leonard Cohen

If I could be freer as much am I, I'll be like a bird on the wire, to sing my own song...Like a bird on the wire...To sing with my friends on the wire...Only to you hear our midnight choir.

Maybe is the only thing I can refer about music and rock 'n' roll. Like a bird on the wire, everybody else is one.

I feel like this always.

And watch this film shouldn't be different to watch this wonderful picture about music, fame, brotherhood and family...Home.

I watched the director's version: 164 minutes named Untitled version at the opening credits. The version which contains all the favourites scenes from Cameron Crowe, which he deleted for time stream.

I'm William Miller(Blake) in the most rightful way, I have only 18 years-old, I'm music enthusiast and I love to hear the advice from my own mentor(Lester Bangs) or T - Even I love more of cinema than music...I couldn't be more different than him...My mum is almost exactly which Miller's mum is. My feeling and my enthusiasm are like a bird tweeting things and enjoying the rock 'n' roll! I'm young and I don't know anything nothing but except the rock 'n' roll, again!

Nothing is different I think, I have been exploring this world and living it, and enjoying this mad, mad world we live..I'm almost famous in that....I'm proud of it, with one band with peoples along with me.

I feel as if the music was mine even though it never sang as if the song brought me this sweetest and caring approach is as much everything it's all true. All the people I met, or will meet one time to sing own song along the road as I saw Penny Lane when I met with her ​​charming smile and her graceful voice in me, or when Lester Bangs told me when it was not cool, and accepted because I was just a boy, or even a rock star like Russell Hammons with his smile and his gentle way of speaking: All music .. as my family and I'm a bird on the wire to sing my own song almost famous for it...

All are gentle and I think as always, a lesson for the singing bird: a family where I can just live and enjoy myself me.

Everything works here, everybody else...From the Band-aids who make safety the hearts of our heroes and from our heroes who makes safety our hearts.Everything works...Almost Famous is a masterpiece!

This my testimony of my love for you guys...

- I have to go home.
- You're at home.

Yes, I'm at home my home, my 2nd home is Letterboxd. I love you, folks, as much my immeasurable love for Cinema. Agapé Agapé!

That's the reason I'm William from Letterboxd.

#71 RV.

To enjoy what I enjoy to be at my home, listen this music down bellow:

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