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OK! I have no idea why in the hell I'm staying up really late at night. Its 1:15am at the time of this writing. Pretty darn late if you ask me! Well, there is a good reason why. I'm scared as hell that some guy in an ugly red and green striped sweater, wearing a dusty hat and a rusted clawed glove would come after my soul in my dreams while thinking about all of the fun until Freddy would come in and turn my wonderful dreams into dark and disturbing nightmares I will never forget before I die. But, it ain't gonna happen cause I'm sitting here in my bed and writing about the one horror film that helped me define me as a person who absolutely loves the darkest realm of cinema: HORROR!

8 years ago, I was attending 11th grade at my high school and there came October, the spookiest time of the year, 2012. Unfortunately, I do not remember the day of that month where I first watched Wes Craven's innovative fantasy of terror, but will never forget the hard-hitting effect that has done to my mentality. One night, my parents were out at a restaurant for dinner and me and my brother were the only ones taking care of our house, not on Elm Street tho. If it was, I would've been totally fucked and would be in a horrible place if I were to become one of the victims of Freddy. Ok. Back on the subject. So, I was looking through the selection of movies on iTunes until I came across a horror movie title that shows the mysterious black shadow of a guy dressed up as the main villain of the movie. I rented it and then watched it on my computer with headphones on in complete darkness in the family room. After the movie was over, I have developed an ongoing fear of going to sleep with my eyes closed. That's how traumatizing this movie was and how much it has made an impact on my mentality ever since! What a truly horrifying tale I will not forget.

A Nightmare on Elm Street will forever remain as one of my Top 10 horror films of all time and I will never get tired of it. Now, its around 1:30am. Ok. I'm gonna try and get some good sleep. Wish me the Best Luck trying to defeat this monster called Freddy Krueger if I were to see him with my own eyes. Goodnight!

Grade: A+

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