A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★★

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To fully summarize something John Krasinski once stated and its true, second installments in a book trilogy does not have to be sequels. They can serve as continuations that can almost be a very worthy second chapter in your book you're telling to your audience.

John Krasinski might have outdone himself with A Quiet Place Part II and thats saying a lot coming from the guy who thought that the first one was absolutely brilliant in presenting silent communication between the characters and visual story-telling. The movie was incredibly intense throughout the entire runtime, starting with the first 10 minutes and then all the way up to the conclusive frames of the terrific continuation. As I was walking out of the theater, I cannot even decide which one was the better movie in my mind. Both of them are truly remarkable pieces of horror movie-making that will be talked about for a very long time.

One of the very rare horror gems that is on par with the original.

Grade: A

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