Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★★

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Happy 25th Anniversary Ghost in the Shell!!!!

Before The Matrix came out in 1999 and blew everyone's melons out of proportions, the highly intelligent and mind-blowing cyberpunk gem, Ghost in the Shell was a notoriously complex yet stunning science fiction masterpiece every anime fan including myself needs to see before they die (or their cybernetic brains go offline).

Back in 2017, I was never that invested into Japanese anime before seeing Mamoru Oshii's piece of art. I'm very used into watching more Disney animated films because Disney has been my favorite kind of animation that always transport me into a magical world where I feel very happy. Upon my first viewing of Ghost in the Shell before the live-action version, my taste for animated movies has started to fully expand and my love for Japanese anime has continued to grow bigger ever since. But then, the live-action version came in and I have never been that disappointed in a movie theater for a movie I was so looking forward to. However, I will still continue to worship this movie as a piece of art in Japanese anime.

The animation quality for Ghost in the Shell is on par with Akira and Evangelion as one of the most finest animation I have ever seen in a sci-fi flick from Japan. It is hypnotizing and beautifully animated to look at from a 25-year-old masterpiece. Mamoru Oshii was able to construct a visually stunning world with immensely well-written characters I can lay my only pair of eyes on and will never get tired of it as well as the themes of what it means to be human. The soundtrack is some of the best scores I have ever heard in any animated movie. What follows is an animated neo-noir spectacle!

Grade: A++

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