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Just got out of my Thursday night screening of Halloween Kills and I really wanted to like this one SO BAD as it has been one of my most anticipated films for the rest of the year. I was wearing a Halloween Kills t-shirt from Fright Rags, just to get myself hyped. That's how excited I was. I've always been a huge fan of David Gordon Green's Halloween ever since its release in 2018 and I still stand by my opinion as my second favorite in the franchise with the John Carpenter classic always being #1. However, I walked out of the theater with a disappointing and frustrated feeling on my face and left me wanting something newer we still haven't seen yet in the Halloween franchise.

With so many references from the previous installments being thrown directly at my face, I started thinking to myself as I was sitting in the auditorium with friends, "Is there gonna be something fresh and new we haven't seen before or is it just going to be reference after reference after reference?" Sure enough, my theory stands true as the film progressively goes along, but this movie KILLS (no pun intended) when it comes to how gnarly and fucked up the kills are presented on screen as Myers goes on a bloody killing spree through Haddonfield. However, with the absence of Laurie Strode being stuck in the hospital throughout the entire run-time and many references being thrown in there, Halloween Kills ended on a cliffhanger, while also leaving a hugely disappointing taste in my mouth. Hopefully, Halloween Ends will send David Gordon Green's trilogy on a higher note next Halloween.

Grade: C

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