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On a dark, chilly October 8th night, I went into Lake Mungo completely blind with two of my friends online, while one of them hosted it on Amazon Prime. After the movie was over, I immediately pulled out my laptop and doing some research if he has moderate history as a film-maker. No luck there. Why am I so adamant about figuring out who Joel Anderson is as a horror director? I'm so glad I went in blind and I think this is one of the scariest horror films of all time that is rarely ever discussed and it should deserve more attention.

Lake Mungo is what you might describe it as a mockumentary that revolves around the disappearance of Alice Palmer as you see interviews with her family as they discuss where she was that night, why she's missing and they eventually uncover that she's dead. Where did she go that night? Why was she at that location on that day? Can anyone shed light into this mystery of Alice's nonexistence? It's truly horrifying.

This is a deeply unsettling film and the majority of it has to do with the fact that these actors/actresses portrayed their characters wonderfully as they were being interviewed. I also did some research, just to ensure if they have been in other project other than Lake Mungo. Every bit of emotion within them was reserved in the right moments as they were being interviewed after a strange disappearance of their missing beloved one that happened in real life, trying to hold back their tears in front of the cameras. I mean in a real interview, and they were trying to bottle up their sad emotions, while being filmed in front of a camera and interacting with their interviewers. Whats so bone-chilling about Lake Mungo is how Joel Anderson used rediscovered photographs footage from cameras around the house. For example, you look at a shot, thinking that you are seeing something, but Joel Anderson decided to zoom in on an unfocused and mysterious figure at a corner. That right there can be the real threat.

Rarely have I ever seen a criminally under-seen and underrated film where it absolutely disturbs me to the core and Lake Mungo did. I really do hope one day that a highly successful horror movie studio such as Scream Factory or Arrow Video has a resolution to pick up the rights of Lake Mungo and more people are aware of this hidden gem.

Grade: A

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