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One of the better and creative horror films to ever come out in the new millennium of horror known as the 2000s, James Wan's Saw is an extremely underrated film that effectively works from its whole concept of two people being isolated inside one grimy and bloody room and trying to seek out clues to escape this one hellish nightmare before times clicks to zero. With a very memorable and intimidating puppet that only any Sesame Street character would be afraid of, a clever narrative and twists that makes logical sense, this film will continue to terrify even the more tougher horror movie buffs that would eventually make them feel enthralled and jaw-dropped until the final shocking reveal.

Its pretty amazing how this immortal franchise has spawned so many sequels and you can tell how the quality of each film went as each film slowly progressed. Starting from very mind-fucking psychologically and then took a nose dive straight into the term, "torture porn". Guess the upcoming, Spiral next year proves why this franchise will never DIE. But, the first Saw will remain as a modern horror classic for the ages.

Grade: A-

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