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Happy 10th Anniversary Tangled!!!

Hi Frozen. Guess what? Sorry, but blonde and glowing hair wins. I really love Elsa. I really do, but after my second viewing of Tangled with my girlfriend tonight, Rapunzel is really starting to grow on me as one of my Top 2 Disney Crushes πŸ’— ever in any animated movie ever. I do think I can actually relate to her in so many ways especially during this rough year known as 2020. I want Rapunzel to be my quarantine partner where we cook pies, paint her room, read books together, mop the floors, play guitar, play dress up, polish up, knit and so much, much more. Even though this year has been the absolute worst for me when it comes to hanging out with friends outside of my house, I think everything will change once I transport myself into Rapunzel’s world and become quarantine partners for life.

Get 2020 outta my life and let me meet my new quarantine partner!!!

Grade: A

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