The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

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Grief. Haunted. Loss.

This is a clever and well-written ghost film with an interesting twist as to how grief and loss were incorporated into the intriguing storyline. Something about a supernatural ghost that haunts our main character always gets my attention quite a bit especially with that much thought and creativity that will eventually make sense upon a second viewing. Rebecca Hall gives out a superb performance as she was able to unleash her emotions quite well, while still feeling traumatized by her loved ones' passing. David Bruckner did one hell of a job directing The Night House, the jump scares were well-executed, while also hammering in effective suspense, and was able to showcase how grief and loss can extremely haunt a character who has been going through a rough life after a passing of a loved one. Sure, there were a handful of cheesy segments that took me out of the movie, but they did not stop me from enjoying The Night House quite a bit and I cannot wait to watch it again.

Yeah, this is a really well-done ghost movie.

Grade: B

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