The Report

The Report ★★★

A movie that had so much potential, that wasted it so poorly. The report had its moments, mainly coming from Adam Driver and a mildly interesting plot, failed to shine when it could've been one of the best films of the year. Life, for a lack of better terms, is boring and telling a story that has the same conflict every scene is very boring. Lots of films that are based on true stories take creative liberties to enhance the story and they can make for a better film but The Report seemed to do none of that. It was exactly what I expected, an artistically dry film with an ok script that had a budget built around A-list actors. The directing is its worst part and I wish 20 years from I could've picked up the script and worked with it because of how many changes I'd make. It tried to be like Vice but what made Vice work was the creative liberties it took and its style, The Report had none of that. If you're bored and this comes out on Netflix or another streaming platform, I'd give it a watch just to see the story of Dan J Jones but that's only if you have the free time for it because this isn't a movie to spend your precious hours on. Overall, I'm glad I watched it mainly because I knew nothing of the torture report but I'm ashamed at how better it could've been.

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