I try to update my favourites list regularly with a new theme.
Current favourite films are....favourite 'about film directors' films.

Favorite films

  • Bad Education
  • 8½
  • Day for Night
  • Pain and Glory

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  • The Tobacconist of Vallecas


  • Jay

  • A Cemetery of Doves

  • Sparrow

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  • The Tobacconist of Vallecas

    The Tobacconist of Vallecas


    Eloy de la Iglesia goes for broad comedy and it's not totally successful, and it still comes with a heavy dose of political comment.
    Two guys decide to rob a tobacconist shop in a working class area of Madrid, but the robbery does not go smoothly when they come up against the formidable store owner and her niece. They end up trapped inside the shop with their two hostages, with a large crowd and a huge amount of police outside.…

  • Priscilla



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Sofia Coppola's restrained and delicate biopic of Priscilla Presley. It is based on Priscilla's 1985 memoir, and she also acted as executive producer on the film, so we can assume that it's faithful to what really happened, at least from Priscilla's point of view.
    It paints a picture of a very strange relationship, with Elvis presented in a very poor light.
    A 24 year-old US soldier stationed in West Germany (who's also been, and will be again, a huge singing…

Popular reviews

  • Nest



    Now this is what to do with lockdown if you're a filmmaker. Icelandic director Hlynur Pálmason, who made the excellent 'A White, White Day', creates an imaginative and evocative short with a fixed camera pointed at a telegraph pole that is transformed over a year into a treehouse built mainly by and for his three children. We see the changing of the seasons from the harsh, brutal, Icelandic winter to the slightly less harsh spring, summer and autumn, as the…

  • Oppenheimer



    This feels like a big film about an important subject that's very well written, directed and acted. And a vast improvement on Nolan's previous film.
    So good to see Cillian Murphy lead such a strong cast and a nice surprise to see Tom Conti as Einstein.