The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Hard to believe but during the making of this film Jodorowsky was encouraged to take LSD for 'spiritual exploration' and he also gave magic mushrooms to the actors during some scenes.
Jodorowsky himself plays an alchemist who leads a group, including a Christ-like figure, to the top of a Holy Mountain in the quest for enlightenment and the secret of immortality.
I'd only seen this once before and I loved it but it was a pretty bad VHS copy, so it was great to see a pristine restored version which really shows what a beautiful, sometimes disgustingly beautiful, film this is.
Jodorowsy's vision is singular but magnificent and this surreal religious allegory contains some of the most gorgeous and depraved scenes ever filmed.
Produced by Allen Klein and funded by John & Yoko.

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