Ran ★★★★★

This is a miraculous movie. Kurosawa spent ten years writing and storyboarding every second of this movie. This results in a movie that is so visually unique in its color and framing that I highly doubt there will ever be something that looks quite like it. By the time he created it he was nearly blind which in my opinion adds to why it looks so distinct, like a world that has lost the joy in beauty, and turned into something more sharp, more primal. 

“Ran” is such a genuinely overwhelming piece of art that it is impossible to describe the emotions that I felt while watching it. It was incredible to see an adaptation of one of my favorite Shakespeare plays visualized and rewritten in such a innovative yet reverent why. Every detail that is shown is conveyed perfectly and every emotional beat feels heightened yet perfect for the film. Yet it also transcends the play that it is based off of. You experience the tragedy of hate and cruelty in a way that is raw and truly unforgettable.

10/10 my 900th movie and the movie that puts me over 50% watched on the letterboxd top 250

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