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  • Rocketman



    There are two ways to watch this movie when it comes to comparisons.

    1)just as a movie, in which I have to say you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Rocketman does a great job of embellishing the details of the musician biography with flashy camera work and unique musical numbers but, in the end, it is just window dressing on the same rags to riches story we've seen a billion times before

    2)as a…

  • Stray Dog

    Stray Dog


    A masterpiece of four specific genres: film noir, police procedural, post-war films, and suspense.

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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Don’t believe the negative hype ... Dark Phoenix is an excellent, er, X-cellent film. Maybe I had low expectations but I found it emotionally nuanced and strongly directed.

    Hans Zimmer’s score is one of his best in years and for the first time in the “First Class” era, I think McAvoy truly became Prof X. Fassbender is, of course, awesome and the kid who played Cyclops really made that character work (finally!!!!)

    This film took a page from the MCU and made the heroes vulnerable which makes them more relatable. Seriously, check this one out with an open mind.

  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?


    Fun, if not entirely interesting, little crime story involving the not-that-exciting world of letter forging and collecting! Obviously the draw here are the two main performances. McCarthy can be quiet and subtle when she wants to be and she makes you care for a pretty terrible person.

    On the opposite side, you have a charming and engaging RIchard E Grant as a different kind of terrible person who you also feel for. You get two very different terrible people that you still root for.

    I am picking Grant to be the upset pick at tonight's Oscars.