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None of you should be surprised but: This. Is. The. Best. MCU. Film. So far anyway (but c'mon ... we know it'll probably stay on top ... but who knows!)

I honestly feel this is the best comic book film ever made on top of being the king of the MCU. And I do stress the comic book part. Are there better motion pictures or "films" (in terms of cinematic narrative and presentation) out there, even in the MCU? Yes. But, to me, no motion picture has fully encapsulated the actual comic book form like Ant-Man.

Let me try to explain: a lot of superhero films try to take a concept from the page and translate it to the screen. There are a lot of superhero films that are, essentially, copies of the comic characters and settings but are truly just movies. Take Wolverine in the X-Men films, for example: they don't attempt to mimic the yellow spandex Wolverine ... they ADAPT him to acceptability for the film format.

Ant-Man hardly does this ... every move made, every character motivation, every background, every movement of plot ... looks like what you would see in an Ant-Man comic book introducing the character. Director Peyton Reed isn't considered an auteur but his ability to frame every shot as a comic book panel deserves more praise. This is hard to explain I guess but when I watched Scott Lang shrink for the first time ... when I saw Scott take on the Falcon ... when I saw Scott train with ants ... hell, even the establishing shot of Hank Pym's house ... I felt like someone 3D printed a comic book to the screen. I haven't ever got that from other superhero films.

Yes, yes, I know Ang Lee did LITERAL comic panels in his version of Hulk but ... look ... I love this movie. Shut up!

Add to the wonderful comic book aesthetic:
--some incredible visual effects
--a fantastic ensemble: Paul Rudd as Scott, who always makes it look easy, Evangeline Lilly, who continues the trend of vulnerable MCU characters, Michael Douglas as weary Hank Pym, the perfectly cast Judy Greer, the scene stealing Michael Pena as Luis ... hell, even TI, David Dastmalchian in small roles are funny. Bobby Canavale might have the most thankless role in the whole film and even he is good!
--a can't-lose heist film set up
--not to mention the very emotional and believable father/daughter drama (x2!)

Yes, there is a villain problem (hell, he doesn't even really become a true VILLAIN until the last 10 minutes) and I know a lot of people don't like origin stories ... but ... I really have nothing left to say. I love this film, I love the character, I love the universe. I will always love ... Ant-Man.

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